Meet The Speakers
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Barry Ritholtz
CIO - Ritholtz Wealth Management
Jack Schwager
CRO - CoFounder FundSeeder
Jim Rogers
Chairman - Rogers Holdings
Howard Lindzon
Chairman/Co-Founder - StockTwits
Peter Schiff
CEO - Euro Pacific Capital
Joel Greenblatt
Co-CIO of Gotham Asset Management
Mike Covel
Host - Trend Following Podcast
Peter Brandt
Author - Diary of a Commodity Trader
Emanuel Balarie
CEO - CoFounder FundSeeder
Perry Marshall
 Best Selling Author - Digital Marketing
James Bibbings
COO - CoFounder FundSeeder
Denise Shull
NeuroEconomics & Biopsychology Coach
Tony Saliba
CEO - Matrix Holding Group
Clare Flynn Levy
CEO - Essentia Analytics
Perry Kaufman
Systematic Trader & Index Developer
Gary Klopfenstein
CIO - FundSeeder Investments
John Carter
Founder - Simpler Trading 
Aksel Kibar
Managing Director - Tech Charts
Jared Tendler
Mental Game Coach
Andreas Clenow
CIO - ACIES Asset Management
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The Program
By purchasing the All-Access pass, you'll get over two dozen on-demand video sessions. These sessions consist of interviews, lessons, and seminars with some of the leading names in trading and asset management covering all aspects of the financial industry.
The Speakers
Learn from industry legends such as Barry Ritholtz, Peter Brandt, Jim Rogers and Mike Covel as they talk about their experiences, history, and overall time in the industry. You'll hear never before shared insights from true market wizards!
The Location
Access your membership area from anywhere in the world and watch the presentations according to your schedule. This is information that can help you grow as a trader or asset manager within the industry.
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